What is WTDir?

WTDir stands for World Theatre Directory and is a user-generated directory for theatre and the performing arts across the globe. It is free and open to all. Signed in users have access to more features and you also get a little more if you are a Pro User under a subscription fee (free for the time being). As theatre practitioners tend to work in one country or more, WTDir can turn your portfolio to a fully click-throughable CV, where people can see where you have worked where your show has been and who you’ve worked with and what they have done, connecting all in an endless global theatrical chain of information


Who is it for?

It’s for everyone! Theatre lovers can find information on shows such as “where have I seen this actor before” or “What’s on in Berlin right now?” Students can research historical theatre figures or see how they evolved through their work on stage. Theatre makers, theatres and theatre companies around the world can join to add their shows and also totally edit their pages, adding contact information, photographs, text etc.**

Theatre lovers who feel compelled to participate more deeply in this global endeavor, we’ve recently issued a call for WTDir Ambassadors to help enhance our outreach efforts and more importantly, to begin shaping the future of this map and its functionality. Get in touch!

What can I use it for?

You can use it for research. Or use it to upload the productions you were part of (in any capacity, be it actor, singer, dancer, director, producer, stage manager, rigger, trombone player, box office assistant, asher.. the list is endless). And of course you can use it to update your own page with information**. You may want to edit information that is already on the WTDir.


But I am not in the performing arts. I am a theatre lover. is it for me?

Of course! You can upload productions without having been involved in them, just before you saw something, liked and believe the information should be up there on the web. Or because you have old programmes and also believe that sharing that information is an invaluable source for students and practitioners.

You can also use the platform to create favourites lists or to write reviews of shows you have seen.


Yes, but I see I can only create Productions, not people!

Indeed, users can only add productions, but through adding a production all relevant cv’s are updated. So by adding yourself in a production you automatically create or update your page. This page will immediately become part of a larger searchable directory. If you want, you can subsequently Claim your page and fully edit it, but even if you do not, you would have created a fully click-throughable CV!

You can only add productions to your CV by using the add production form. This was everything stays connected, and your CV becomes an official click-throughable tool, rather than just text on a page!


I am already on the directory but my information is limited.

Great! so you are already part of the chain. If your profile is already on WTDir, then someone has added a production you were part of and added your name. If you want to have a full click-throughable CV, then you only need to add the productions you were part of that are not in the directory already.


But a production I was part of is there but my name is not(?)

That is why it’s always a good idea to check that a production is there before adding it, through search or advanced search.* If the production is there you can edit it (edit button on the bottom right hand side)** and add yourself or maybe others too if you wish, add photographs, videos and official reviews!

Once the changes with your name added are approved, the production will show on your CV


It takes too long to add all productions to my CV!!!

Indeed, adding a production takes more time than just writing the title on your CV. We have come up with the 5 page submission form and the prerequisites, so that what you create is click-throughable, and that no duplicate productions are created.

At the same time, there is a minimum submission, which takes a lot less, and then you can go back edit it as many times as you want, uploading more information.

What is great, is, once a production is up there, it spreads itself to all involved, so there is no need to input it again. Ever! We also constantly work behind the scenes to make the platform more user-friendly and we also learn a lot from your feedback, so please do not hesitate to contact us with your comments.


I have added a production but cannot see it!

If you have clicked Submit, then the production should be in “Your Submissions” in your account scroll at the top right. And it will show that it is pending approval. An administrator always needs to check that the information is correct before it going live. At the moment it usually takes 1 working day for approvals to go through.


Which professionals can have a talent page on WTDir?

Absolutely everyone! WTDir loves the performing arts, so everyone involved in making a production possible or helping the audience enjoy their experience should be there, from directors, actors and producers to electricians, sound ops and crew, and of course box office, front of house and everyone working in the performing arts.


The show I am working on is not on for another 2 years, can I still put it on the directory?

Of course, the directory has past present and future so you can put any shows that have happened or will happen in the future.


I have a wealth of historical programmes and I would like to input them in the directory. Is that ok?

Oh, please do! That is the whole point of the directory is that it offers a platform for this wealth of information to be digitised and available for students scholars and lovers alike..


My production is going on tour, can I add all venues on the directory?

Of course! Just click on Tour and add as many venues as you like through the add production form.


The site is only in English. How does the translation work?

WTDir content is predominantly in English. although you may input any language you like, it is advisable you use English. You also have the opportunity to ad a second language name or title through the edit page** option.


How old is the directory?

It is brand new. It is a public Beta version but already has a wealth of information. We aim to move to the next stage based on your feedback and comments by autumn 2017.


I am not a critic, can I add a review?

You may review* any show you like (terms and conditions of conduct apply).

You will find the REVIEW button on the bottom right of any production page.

Official reviews made by theatre professionals are aded thought the add/edit production form.


I run a network or service organisation, or have a group of people I’d like to invite to join the World Theatre Map. How can I get the word out?

You can share the website on social media, or even like and share your own Talent or Company Page and encourage folks to join that way!

You can also download this free email template and edit it to your liking so you can share with your friends and colleagues.


Ok, but what is your aim in doing creating WTDir?

Wtdir is a work of love for the performing arts, as well as extreme OCD in putting everything in the right place. We aim to reach as far and wide in the globe as possible, and as a rich a diverse audience as possible, in the most open and democratic possible way. We therefore would like to engage professionals, non-professionals, theatre goers and offer this platform as a tool to network and evolve this performing arts information machine.


I have a question you didn’t answer or want to talk to you about the World Theatre Directory.

Then please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]!


* features for registered users

** features for PRO users