Ten Billion

(Premiere 2012)
DIRECTOR Katie Mitchell
DESIGNER Giles Cadle
THEATRE COMPANY Royal Court Theatre
Scientist Stephen Emmott collaborates with theatre director Katie Mitchell in an exploration of the future of life on Earth.

Country: United Kingdom

Runtime: 75 min



Director | Katie Mitchell
Playwright | Stephen Emmott
Composer | Paul Clark
Designer | Giles Cadle
Lighting Designer | Jon Clark
Sound Designer | Gareth Fry
Associate Director | Lyndsey Turner
Video Designer | Leo Warner
Video Designer | Tim Reid





The Royal Court Theatre, 12/07/2012 - 11/08/2012



Fifty years ago there were three billion people on Earth. Today there are seven billion. By the end of the century there will be at least ten billion. Concerned? We really should be, insists the scien ...
‘Ten Billion’ is neither a play nor a work of fiction, but rather a monumentally sobering one-hour lecture on the impact of human overpopulation upon the planet, delivered by distinguished scientist S ...
It’s not often at a press night that you ask the critic next to you who they’re writing for and receive the reply “The New Scientist”. But such was the case at the Royal Court Upstairs, where Katie Mi ...
This is one of the most disturbing evenings I have ever spent in a theatre. Stephen Emmott, an acclaimed scientist, stands in a re-creation of his cluttered Cambridge office and delivers, under Katie ...
Ten Billion is one of the most disturbing shows I have seen on a stage – and yet it is not in any normal sense theatre. “I’m a scientist, not an actor,” warns Stephen Emmott at the outset. And so he i ...


By the end of this century, the human population is likely to be over ten billion. Just twenty five years ago, it was less than five billion. How are the choices we’re making as a species impacting upon our environment? And how will the sheer force of numbers affect the way we live in the future?

Scientist Stephen Emmott and director Katie Mitchell deliver a new kind of scientific lecture, highlighting key issues being lost in translation in our discussion of the environment. Ten Billion paints a vivid portrait of a species with its head in the sand.