Dimitris Kamarotos

Δημήτρης Καμαρωτός
Studied Music, Economics and Informatics in Greece and continued studying music in Paris, on composition, electroacoustic music and clarinet. Studied music analysis and composition with Daniel Charles, Emile Damais, Iannis Xenakis, electroacoustic music with Horacio Vaggionne and Marc Battier and music for films with Maurice Jarre. He continued his post Grad. studying in the IRCAM the use of artificial intelligence as a compositional tool.
In Greece he created and directed contemporary and experimental music ensembles and worked as research supervisor in the Centre for Contemporary Music Research (CCMR-KSYME).
He is actively participating through music composition and performance in an exploratory approach of music function in theater. In particular focusing on the common reactions and vocal functions of the Greek Tragedy chorus (khoros).
He created music for more than 120 theater performances collaborating with the Greek National Theater, private theaters and international festivals. Notably some productions that participated with original music and sound dramaturgy these last years: “Dying as a country” (Théâtre de l’Odéon, 2009), “Hercules Furens” (Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus 2011), “Phedre”( Comédie-Française, 2013), “The Circle of the Square”, (fest. Avignon 2014), «Faust» (Onassis C.C. 2014), “The Blind” (Greek Fest. 2015).