Lena Kitsopoulou

Λένα Κιτσοπούλου
Lena Kitsopoulou was born and lives in Athens. She is a graduate of Karolos Koun Drama School (1994). As an actress she participated and participates in classic and modern plays, as well as in cinema. In 1997 she received the Best Actress award in Thessaloniki International Film Festival for the film No Sympathy For the Devil directed by Dimitris Athanitis.

In 2006 her first collection of short stories was released by Kedros publishing, by the title Nichterides (Bats) which received the Best Debut Author award in 2007. She is working as a writer and a director ever since. She writes for newspapers and participates in collections of short stories, the most recent one being Apotipomata tis Krisis (Crisis Impressions) by Metaixmio publishing, 2013. In 2011 her second collection of short stories was released, Megali Dromi (Great Roads) by Metaixmio publishing.

She wrote and directed the M.A.I.R.O.U.L.A. monologue (2009) and Aoustras or the Hardness (2011) for the National Theatre and Athanasios Diakos - The Return for the Athens Festival (2012). She directed The Woman from Patras by George Chronas (Apo Michanis Theatre, tour), Chere Nimphi (Greeting Nymph) by Gregorios Xenopoulos (2011, Art Theatre). She directed and acted in the play Ludus, Lucta, Illusio, a narration of the novel by H. Kleist The Duel, in collaboration with the early music ensemble Ex Silentio (2013 Athens Festival).

In 2012 she participated with two one act plays, N-euro-se and The Price, in two European Theatre Festivals, Wake - up, Voicing Resistance in Berlin and Theatre Uncut in London. Her plays have been translated in English, French, German, Spanish and Polish. For her play Athanasios Diakos - The Return she received the National Playwright award (Interanationaler Autorenpreis) in Heidelberg, during the 2013 Heidelberger Stückemarkt.

In May 2014 her recent play Red Riding Hood - the First Blood has been presented in Onassis Cultural Centre, under her direction. In 2015 she presented under her direction her play A day, just like any other day, in one of the many flats in Athens, those that have secure doors and comfy sofas, in a state of frenzy. Or the futility of living, at the Art Theatre – Karolos koun.